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Man wanted in connection with assault

On Friday 15th March, a group of friends were enjoying an evening in the City at Abacus bar. At about midnight one of the group accidentally bumped into a man on the dance floor. The man instantly became aggressive towards the group and head butts the victim. The victim’s friends immediately came to his aid and tried to protect him from the suspect. A second man, who was with the suspect, hit the victim with a glass bottle on the back of his head causing a serious cut. Whilst this was taking place the second suspect began to punch one of the victim’s friends repeatedly.Security staff at the venue intervened and broke up the fight managing to detain one of the suspects. The second suspect, who had used the bottle, disappeared in to the crowd and got away.Both victims were taken to hospital for treatment, one sustained a serious cut to his head and injuries to his mouth, the second suffered bruising.The outstanding suspect is described as a white man about 5’8” tall with dark hair, which was slicked back behind his ears. He was wearing a white shirt tucked into trousers.Police would like anyone who was in the bar that evening and may be able to help with the investigation to contact them on 020 7601 2121 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Return of the Cicadas

PLEASE watch this video and support the project. Cicadas are amazing and beautiful, if you allow them to tell their story, or, if not, allow MOTIONKICKER to tell it for them… I’ve been working...