Nicola manages to hide Seb in the bedroom, so Faye pretends she has come for Nicola’s advice on a bully at school.

Desperate to get Phelan out of the flat, Nicola pretends she is having problems with the baby and he rushes her to the hospital. Phelan asks Nicola to move into Number 11 with him, but will she accept?

Meanwhile, Eva tries to get out of the meal and party by saying she has food poisoning, but Adam sees through her ruse and says she must go to Leanne’s party and they can reschedule their date to another night. Eva swigs on lemonade disguised as Prosecco.

As Peter and Daniel vie for Carla’s attention at the hospital Aidan arrives and says that he has undergone all the tests and is ready to donate his kidney. Jenny and Johnny are thrilled but Aidan disguises his nerves.

Elsewhere, Sally confides in Kevin that she fears her marriage is over.

Finally, Adam has a stab of conscience and refuses to give Billy any more pain killers. Billy tries to hide his pain from Summer.

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