Mel is facing fresh pressure from Ciara to solve the mystery of the missing money. Trying a new tactic, Mel meets up with Louise and tries to get as much information from her as possible.

Mel even tricks Louise into inviting her back to the Mitchell house, where she takes the opportunity to snoop around. Will Mel be rumbled when Sharon catches her at the house?

Meanwhile, Phil is determined to contact Ben and seeks answers from Jay.

Elsewhere, Jay is still struggling over the loss of Abi – especially when he receives her coffin plaque at work.

Also today, Masood meets a woman called Noor, who Mariam wants to set him up with. Will their date be a success?

Finally, Patrick and Ted go head-to-head in a chess match, while Billy panics about having to admit his tax mishap when he hears that Les Coker is due to pay a visit next week.

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