As Luke’s mates gather in the Bistro to raise a toast, Rana is upset at seeing Kate with Sophie. Kate tells Rana that she needs to stay away from her as she hates seeing her with Zeedan.

Later, Zeedan returns to the house to find an upset Rana and is stunned when she reveals she is in love with someone else!

Meanwhile, Phelan winds everyone up by attending Luke’s funeral. Having returned from Portugal, Steph is furious to see him there. Back in the pub, Phelan hears Bethany and Gary rowing about her job and enjoys winding Gary up by suggesting they go to watch Bethany!

Elsewhere, Carla tells Daniel to try and make a go of it with Sinead. As she heads home, she collapses in the street.

Also, Tim tells Sally he is taking Faye away for a while.

Finally, Steve and Amy struggle with life without a mobile phone.

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