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Stacey and Martin’s marriage hits a new low in Tuesday´s Eastenders

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Martin refuses to let Stacey see the children, but he finally sees sense when one of the kids finds themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Although Stacey hopes that Martin is finally ready to forgive her, she soon realises the reality is very different and is left out in the cold again. Martin tells Bex that he’s prepared to fight for his kids.

Meanwhile, Mel visits Phil and reveals what’s been going on with her own son. As a result, the pair realise they’ll have to work together for the sake of their children. After discussing everything, they realise they need to start their efforts by investigating Mick, since he was the most desperate for the money.

Elsewhere, Keegan loses control at school.

Also today, Whitney and Halfway decide to make the most of their date after being set up by Tiffany, while Masood has to come clean to Arshad about his job after Kush lets the truth slip.

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