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Phil realises that he can’t trust Mel in Monday´s Eastenders

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The men involved in the new year heist finally come out of hiding. Phil starts to realise that Ben is involved in the missing money and quizzes Jay over what’s been going on. Tensions soon rise between Aidan’s men, with Mick accusing Aidan of double-crossing everyone and taking the money for himself.

Phil is left with a new lead when Billy tells him about Mel’s unexpected return to Walford. Phil realises that Mel must be chasing the money and starts to worry about Ben’s safety.

Meanwhile, Mick promises his family that he’ll have the money to keep them in The Vic by the end of the week.

Elsewhere, Stacey returns to Albert Square but ends up in another argument with Martin when he accuses her of visiting Max again. Stacey denies it, but the argument escalates further and she slaps him. In response, Martin kicks Stacey out.

Also today, Johnny tells his family that he’s been offered a new job which would involve moving away, while Tiffany plays matchmaker between Whitney and Halfway.

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