Anna’s trial continues and Roy is called as a witness. He gives Anna a glowing character reference, but is forced to admit that she did slap Seb in the café.

In the cab office, Eileen sees some cctv footage of Gary and Tim apparently threatening Seb. Will Eileen take the evidence to the police?

Meanwhile, Gary follows Bethany as she enters a lap-dancing club and is horrified to realise Bethany and her mate both work there as dancers. Gary tries to drag Bethany out of the club, but she makes out that she’s never seen Gary before and summons security. The bouncer moves in on Gary.

Elsewhere, Eva finds Toyah in floods of tears. Toyah reveals that Jacqui the surrogate has lost the baby. Eva guiltily thinks about her own baby.

Also, Gemma excitedly makes party plans for Henry. Billy busies himself helping out at the community centre, but suddenly wracked with pain, he collapses on the floor.

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