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The Dingles are given a ray of hope in Thursday´s first Emmerdale

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Zak and Lisa are promised they will be given an option to discuss revising the golf course development plans with the architect and a lawyer at a party being held up at Home Farm that evening. Although dubious, they hope it’s the truth.

Later, the Dingle women arrive at the party and Debbie’s entrance takes Joseph off guard as he gives a speech.

Meanwhile, back at the Dingles’, Samson and Noah play with their headsets and are completely oblivious to what is about to happen. A foreman knocks on the door before signalling to a bulldozer to begin knocking the house down.

Unaware, Samson and Noah are deep into their game as the digger makes an impact on the wall of the house. As bricks begin to fall inside, Samson and Noah are soon alerted to the danger. Will the boys get out unhurt?

Elsewhere, Rhona drops Jessie off at Marlon’s for the wrestling night. Rhona decides to stay when she sees Paddy, but does this mean she’s still got feelings for Paddy?

Also, Harriet feels hurt.

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