Having finally got hold of Matt, Luke arranges to meet him at a bar in town. When he arrives early, Luke is intrigued to spot Matt deep in conversation with Phelan.

With Phelan gone, Luke approaches Matt. Matt admits that he has no idea where Andy is and that the back-packing story was Phelan’s invention. Finding out from Seb that Phelan has gone to the new development site, Luke arrives at the mill and demands to know what’s happened to Andy.

Meanwhile, when Sean leaves some fruit within George’s reach, Angie and Jude tell him off in no uncertain terms, pointing out that it could kill George.

Elsewhere, when Robert offers Zeedan his job back at the Bistro, Zeedan turns him down, explaining how he and Rana intend to open their own place. But Zeedan is confused when Luke inadvertently refers to Rana’s pregnancy. Zeedan confronts Rana, wanting to know if she’s pregnant.

Also, Alya is horrified to receive racist hate mail.

Finally, Cathy and Alex move into Number 12 with Brian, Eva invites Beth, Izzy and Sinead for a free manicure in the back room of The Rovers but Toyah’s double booked with a meeting of the Vegan Association, Eileen is thrown when Shona tells her it’s a myth that Nicola is living in Australia, while Adam takes Imran on at the solicitor’s firm.

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