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Tina’s baby bombshell shocks Billy in Monday´s Eastenders

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Tina tells Shirley that she thinks she’s pregnant with Billy’s baby. Billy is horrified when he sees Tina buying a pregnancy test, immediately putting two and two together.

While Tina seriously considers whether this could be her second chance at motherhood, Honey spots her looking solemn. Will Tina tell Honey the truth?

Meanwhile, when Linda pushes Mick for details on his ‘plan’, he covers by claiming that he wants it to be a surprise.

Elsewhere, tensions are growing for Vincent on two fronts – not only is he having second thoughts about Aidan’s job, Kim is also putting pressure on him to try for another baby.

Also today, Abi feels torn over whether to forgive Max, but a conversation with Stacey leaves her convinced that she doesn’t need her dad anymore.

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