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Josh turns traitor by gathering evidence against Willmott-Brown in Thursday´s Eastenders

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Josh asks Lauren to help him expose Willmott-Brown’s true colours. He tries to steal files from his father’s computer, while Lauren attempts to distract Fi and Willmott-Brown from returning to the office too quickly.

With a press launch taking place at the community centre, Lauren chains herself to the doors in front of the Walford Gazette reporter in order to stall for time. Will her plan pay off?

Meanwhile, Max tries to face the world again but faces another backlash from the Carters among others. Later, Jack receives a shock of his own – will he finally find out the full extent of Max’s treachery?

Elsewhere, Whitney plays matchmaker by locking Donna and Robbie in the Queen Vic kitchen, only to ruin things when she interrupts them as they’re about to kiss.

Also today, Max bribes Bernadette for information on what Phil, Keanu and the others are up to.

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