After seeing Phelan’s look of triumph when he heard the news about Anna and quizzing him over what really happened between them, Faye has finally seen the villain’s true colours.

Faye tells Seb that Phelan is a liar, but Seb remains adamant that Anna is responsible.

Meanwhile, clutching his stomach, Chesney fakes food poisoning and hurries out of the Bistro. Sinead follows him, clearly concerned. Making out he’s in agony, Chesney suggests that someone might have tampered with his meal. Sinead is given food for thought.

Elsewhere, Craig arrives at Bethany’s wearing his best shirt. As Craig summons all his courage to tell her how he feels, he is shocked by Bethany’s reaction.

Also today, in a bid to bury the hatchet, Michelle tells Kate that she’s welcome to use their flat if she wants to meet up with Rana in private.

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