With the hospital still recovering from traumatic events, Hanssen takes position at the frontline on AAU. Determined to protect his flock, Hanssen insists that new F1s Nicky and Meena act strictly as observers.

However, when a patient’s unruly child pushes him to breaking point, Hanssen must find a way to accept his new colleagues’ assistance, if not their compassion. But is he already too broken?

Meanwhile, new starter Meena struggles to bond with overworked and traumatised Dominic. Determined not to cut her any slack, Dom refuses to let her sit back and observe. Is he pushing her too hard, or can Meena rise to meet his high expectations?

Elsewhere, Fletch’s concern for Jac forces him to call in a familiar face to help on Darwin, but Jac refuses to allow her new colleague to operate. When the registrar stands up to Jac’s bullying and proves her worth in an unorthodox way, it’s on Jac to decide if she can swallow her pride and accept her help.

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