Carmel tells her friends that she thinks Max is going to propose to her tonight and invites them all along to The Vic. At the same time, Max is making some big plans for the evening with Willmott-Brown and The Chairman.

Later, an excited Carmel waits for Max with her friends and family. Will she get the outcome she’s hoping for?

Meanwhile, Mick goes over old territory as he desperately tries to get Linda to believe that he loves her. Will she be reassured?

Elsewhere, Luke turns up to see Ben yet again and begs him to give their relationship another try. When Ben rejects him again, Luke turns nasty – sparking a fight between the two men as Ben tries to defend himself. Luke gains the upper hand by beating Ben up.

Also today, Sonia annoys Kim by telling her not to plan too far ahead with her pregnancy until she’s had a scan.

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