Todd has dinner with Billy and Summer in the Bistro.

When Daniel makes a light-hearted remark about juicy court cases and defending the indefensible, Todd snaps at him, leaving Billy suspicious. Will he find out that Todd has lied to him?

Meanwhile, Jude gives Mary short shrift at the hospital, now suspicious over how George’s health takes a turn for the worse whenever he spends time with her. Mary is left feeling rejected.

Elsewhere, when Faye chooses a side, Gary loses his temper – disappointed that she could even question Anna’s innocence.

Also, Henry Newton calls in The Kabin in the hope of tracking down “Jemima” – aka Gemma. With Norris’s help, Henry finds her in The Rovers. Gemma is thrilled as he promises he’ll be in touch. Liz tells Gemma that she’s certainly landed on her feet, as he’s Henry Newton of Newton & Ridley fame. Gemma is stunned.

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