Lee’s friend Moose returns to Albert Square and Woody gets jealous when it’s clear that he likes Whitney.

Woody tries to mark his territory by telling Moose that he and Whitney are getting married. However, Moose retaliates by revealing that Whitney has already received her divorce papers through from Lee – something she hadn’t told Woody.

Meanwhile, Lauren feels threatened when she comes face-to-face with Josh’s ex-girlfriend Imogen, who seizes this opportunity to manipulate her and stir up trouble. Concerned by what Imogen tells her, Lauren starts to doubt Josh. Even though they share a kiss, Lauren’s concerns get the better of her.

Elsewhere, Karen panics when she discovers that the loan shark she owes money to has collected Riley and Chatham from their after-school club and brought them home. Karen knows she has to find a way to quickly settle her debts, but how?

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