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Abi is forced to confess all to Lauren in Tuesday´s Eastenders

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Backed into a corner following Lauren’s discovery, Abi blurts out the truth by admitting that she was in love with Steven. As more truths come to light following Abi’s confession, the Branning sisters find themselves in a blazing row.

Lauren is also shocked when she discovers that Abi has Steven’s ashes, forcing her to take matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Tina’s attackers try to steal her purse and the alcohol that she’s purchased for The Vic. Fortunately, she manages to escape and get back to the Square unharmed. Sadly, Tina is still shaken and she ends up hitting something in the road. Tina wrongly assumes that she hit Dave the cat and drives off, completely unaware that she’s accidentally knocked over a child.

Elsewhere, Phil confronts Tom when Michelle spots him lurking outside.

Also today, Travis jumps in to defend Louise when an innocent prank from Keegan leaves her on edge.

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