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Phelan continues to keep watch on Daniel in Friday´s first Corrie

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As Daniel sets off back to the nursing home, Phelan is about to follow. However, Nicola intercepts and asks why Lydia was so horrified by his identity. Phelan pretends to have no idea and hurries after Daniel.

At the nursing home, Daniel gives Mrs McArdle a birthday cake. Who is she, and what does she mean to both Daniel and Phelan?

Meanwhile, Todd and Billy are shocked to see Adam being arrested. When Todd gives his name to the police officer, he finds himself also under arrest for burglary.

Elsewhere, Kate is surprised to learn from Alya that Zeedan and Rana are getting legally married.

Also, Summer’s teacher summons Todd and Billy to the school. Summer defends herself, quoting Todd’s mantra that it’s okay to bend the rules sometimes. Billy is furious.

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