Linda is still worried about her health, but she confides in Woody by revealing that there’s a five-week wait for an appointment at the hospital.

Later, Mick finally gets suspicious over Linda’s strange behaviour and realises that she’s unwell. Deciding it’s time to be honest, Linda tells Mick that she had cancer while she was away and she’s scared that it’s back.

Meanwhile, Stacey is reunited with her children when doctors confirm that there’s no reason to be alarmed about Arthur’s bruises. In private, Kush still wants answers from Carmel about why she called social services.

Later, Stacey realises the situation isn’t over when the social worker reveals that they’ll be conducting further home visits.

Elsewhere, Ted has a shocking suggestion for Joyce – they should head to Australia to see their son and escape the charges.

Also today, Bex feels awkward when Sonia invites Gethin over for lunch, while Max lurks at the hospital when the doctors prepare to wake Jane up.

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