A concerned Carmel offers to help Stacey with the children, but Stacey quickly clocks onto the fact that Carmel doesn’t trust her with Arthur anymore.

When an emotional Stacey breaks down, Carmel comforts her and it seems that they’re finally on the same page again. However, when Carmel is left alone with Arthur, she makes another worrying discovery.

Meanwhile, knowing that Sonia is meeting Gethin at the café, Bex decides to go there with Shakil to make Gethin jealous. She even kisses Shakil to prove her point, but Gethin privately warns her to stop playing games. Later, Bex is upset when she sees Gethin and Sonia kiss.

Elsewhere, Mick and Linda return to Walford and Woody is surprised to learn that Linda still hasn’t told Mick about her cancer. When Mick overhears Linda and Woody talking, Linda has to cover by claiming that Woody just agreed to become permanent bar manager at The Vic.

Also today, Keanu becomes a life model to earn some cash, while Michelle is worried after a creepy present from Tom.

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