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Kathy gets upset when Ian rejects her in Tuesday´s Eastenders

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When Ian continues to be dismissive towards Kathy, she realises that his attitude could stem from her decision to fake her death all those years ago.

Kathy refuses to give up on supporting her sons and finally gets Ian to open up when he breaks down in her arms.

Meanwhile, Abi isn’t impressed by Lauren’s choices for Steven’s funeral and harshly criticises her plans, questioning whether she really knew Steven at all.

Elsewhere, Stacey goes to the hospital to seek answers over Arthur, but is upset to hear that she’ll have to wait for a specialist appointment next week. She also keeps the news to herself as Martin is facing a tough time behind bars.

Also today, Linda and Mick have their first counselling session, while Gethin tells Bex that he can’t tutor her anymore.

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