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Eva uses her hen party for even more revenge in Friday´s first Corrie

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Eva prints off another scan photo from the internet. Making out it’s her own scan photo, she asks Maria to drop it round to Aidan at the flat. Eva explains to Jenny that they’re having a double hen do at The Rovers.

Jenny is furious to discover Eva has gone behind her back and cancelled the posh restaurant. When the strippers arrive, Jenny is appalled that her hen do has turned into such a low rent affair.

Soon afterwards, Eva and Toyah lead the hen party drinking games. With Maria the butt of the gags, Eva enjoys watching her squirm.

Meanwhile, Gemma is determined to make Rita realise she has a problem with her memory and decides to put her to the test.

Elsewhere, Kate and Rana arrive for the hen party, but when Imogen suddenly shows up, Rana is put out and Kate clocks her mood change.

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