David puts Leyla’s needs before Tracy’s in Monday´s Emmerdale

Megan reminds Leyla that the designer is wanting repayment for her ruined wedding dress. Leyla has no idea how she’s going to afford it, but she decides to drown her sorrows and wear the dress out for one last time. David finds her wallowing in self-pity and offers to help Leyla out of her financial predicament, which she gratefully accepts.

Soon afterwards, David breaks the news to Tracy at her birthday party that they won’t be going on holiday, since he’s just given Leyla the money. How will Tracy react?

Meanwhile, Bernice decides to get back to dating. She ends up having a date with David’s super-fan Scott, while Laurel and Nicola watch on. Could this be the beginning of a blossoming romance?

Elsewhere, Emma tries to make amends for her behaviour last week.

Also today, Moira offers her support.

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