Having told Eileen that he has a job in Scotland, Phelan ties a terrified Andy’s wrists and bundles him in the back of his van, telling him they are leaving for France with his fake passport.

When the van crashes in the woods, Andy kicks open the doors. Discovering Phelan unconscious at the wheel, he makes a run for it.

Meanwhile, Seb begs Anna to take him home, where she is horrified to see the conditions he is living in with his young twin siblings. Seb makes her promise not to tell Faye about his awful home life. Will Anna tell anyone what she discovered?

Elsewhere, Gary arrives home bearing expensive gifts and says he has no intention of returning to the Ukraine. However, when Izzy tells him that Jake needs expensive speech therapy, he is forced to accept another contract. In a bid to cheer himself and Sarah up, he takes her out for champagne.

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