Hour-long episode

Anna is horrified to discover that Faye and Seb have run away.

Anna sets about trying to track them down, but will she manage to find them?

Meanwhile, sick of finding David’s dog destroying her garden, Yasmeen confiscates him. She tells David and Shona they’re not fit to look after him.

Elsewhere, at The Rovers, the brewery launch party is in full swing when Jacqui, the surrogate, calls in for her meeting with Peter and Toyah. However, the party descends into chaos when Jon from the brewery discovers Peter is an alcoholic and Steve is the father of Leanne’s baby. Jacqui is appalled and heads out.

Also today, a deeply upset Rita admits she’s scared but promises she’ll see a doctor. Will Rita follow through?

Finally, Robert and Michelle fake a split to keep her safe.

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