Phelan is cornered when Eileen arrives at the cellar in Wednesday´s Corrie

When Eileen finds out from Nicola that Phelan never showed up at the youth centre, she’s deeply concerned by his strange behaviour of late. Nicola suggests that she should try the house he’s doing up and hands her the address.

Soon afterwards, Phelan is startled when suddenly the cellar door opens and Eileen calls out. Phelan quickly rushes up the steps, while Eileen demands to know what’s going on. Can Phelan offer an explanation, or is Eileen about to discover the grim truth?

Meanwhile, having spent the night together, hungover Kate and Imogen call in the café. Rana bristles at their obvious intimacy.

Elsewhere, Robert implores Michelle not to attend his hearing as there’s a strong chance he might not be coming home. Michelle sobs in Kate’s arms as Robert sets off for court.

Also today, Faye is gutted when she receives a text from Seb, telling her to leave him alone.

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