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Debbie and Charity’s business meeting goes horribly wrong in Tuesday´s Emmerdale

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Charity makes an appointment to meet up with a client at a posh hotel, but Debbie insists on going too. When Charity dominates the meeting and goes over the top with her flirting, Debbie sneakily tells the maitre d’ that Charity is a call girl – getting her thrown out.

With Charity gone, Debbie negotiates the deal herself. However, when she takes the client out to test drive the Bentley, she discovers it’s disappeared. Who’s taken it? And how will Debbie get home?

Meanwhile, Leyla and Pete are sad when he comes to collect his belongings.

Elsewhere, Amelia is shocked to discover the knife under Daz’s pillow and ends up cutting herself. Why is Daz carrying a weapon? And will Amelia tell Dan and Kerry what she’s found?

Also today, Nell is evasive.

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