Phelan has a major decision to make after digging Andy’s grave.

Will Phelan have an attack of conscience, or is the end nigh for Andy?

Meanwhile, Rana and Kate go on a girls’ night out, but when Kate attracts the interest of a girl called Imogen, Rana feels surplus to requirements. Imogen drapes herself over tipsy Kate, but Rana feels like a third wheel and loses her temper, accusing Imogen of taking advantage of Kate. As the girls row, who will Kate side with?

Elsewhere, when Todd nips out to work, leaving Summer and Amy home alone, he’s horrified to return and find Summer colouring Amy’s hair. Things get worse when they discover that Summer’s home-made bleach has turned Amy’s hair orange.

Also today, the factory girls gather in The Rovers for Sally’s campaign launch, along with a reporter from the Gazette. However, Sally’s thunder is stolen when Kirk arrives dressed as Buzzer the Bee. The reporter jokes that he should stand for mayor. As the girls back the idea, will Sally be upstaged by a bee?

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