Jenny and her bridesmaids meet with the dressmaker. When Rita accidentally spills coffee down Gemma’s dress, who in turn spills coffee on Kate’s, it all ends in tears.

Having returned home, Rita busies herself setting the table, but when she sets an extra place for Len, Gemma is quietly concerned. Gemma confides in Rosie how worried she is about Rita and wonders if she’s got dementia.

Meanwhile, Nicola tells Yasmeen about her plans to build a youth centre with Phelan’s help. Yasmeen warns her that she’s dealing with a rogue. When Nicola confronts Phelan about the Calcutta Street flats project, will he be able to convince her that he was a victim too?

Elsewhere, reminding Sarah that he’s due back in the Ukraine tomorrow, Gary suggests they head into town as he wants to show her something. Back from their trip, Gary and Sarah look through property details. Are the couple back on track? Later, Gary assures Izzy and Anna that his job isn’t dangerous and he’s part of a well trained team. Will they be placated?

Also today, when Sally finds out from Brian that the Mayor has stepped down, she vows to run for Mayor herself and tells Gina that she can help with her campaigning.

There are no episodes of Coronation Street on Friday, September 1, but Corrie returns on SUNDAY.

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