Zosia wrestles with the decision of whether to specialise in cardiothoracics after discovering the offer is contingent on a placement abroad, threatening her marriage plans.

When a tired and unusually sensitive Guy appears to make an error in surgery, Zosia must decide whether to follow her dreams or to put the needs of her family first.

Meanwhile, on his final day on AAU, Oliver is preoccupied with Tara’s brain scans and seeks a second opinion, fearing that something could have been done to prevent her death. After Ric refuses to perform a precautionary scan on Oliver’s patient, Oliver questions the boundaries of negligence and must decide whether to live in the past or look to the future.

Elsewhere, Dominic starts behaving secretively, making Lofty wonder if he still harbours feelings for him. As his personal embarrassment gets in the way of treating a patient, Lofty questions whether it’s just the anxiety of letting Dom down gently, or whether he cares more for him than he realises.

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