Ben is hurt when he finds out that the car lot land is worth more than The Arches, leaving him wondering whether Phil cares more about Jay than him. When Kathy finds out what’s going on, she’s quick to confront Phil about the situation. Jay also worries that Sharon is annoyed over Phil’s decision and tells her that he won’t accept the kind offer, but she gives him her blessing to have the car lot land.

Later on, Ben gives Phil some home truths and is annoyed when he refuses to explain himself. Reaching the end of his tether, Ben tells Phil that he doesn’t want The Arches.

Meanwhile, Shakil and Kush aren’t exactly welcoming to Max when they all have a family dinner with Carmel.

Elsewhere, Max orders Steven to help him with his latest plan.

Also today, Linda continues to make her mark at the pub by offering Tracey her job back, Keanu gets a job interview, and Sonia tries to give new neighbour Mr Pryce a warm welcome.

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