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Finn demands answers from Emma in Tuesday´s hour long Emmerdale

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Emma searches for the missing note and is shaken when Finn presents it to her. She admits that James wrote it and gets upset, so Finn decides not to ask any more questions.

Later on, Emma mentions to Leyla that she no longer has her wedding dress. Finn overhears this and doesn’t believe her, but she explains that she destroyed the dress because of James’s relationship with Moira.

When Finn then demands the full timeline of when Emma found out about Moira, will she tell the truth? And how will Finn react when Emma finally admits that she was on the bridge after all?

Meanwhile, Adam spots Sarah wangling more money out of Pete. When he asks her what’s going on, Sarah reveals that Pete has been giving her money since she saw him speaking with Priya. Later, Pete is forced to tell the truth when Adam confronts him about sleeping with Priya.

Elsewhere, Harriet is pleased when Cain apologises to Bishop Barry and both Cain and Harriet agree they shouldn’t change who they are for anyone.

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