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Phil makes two shocking decisions in Monday´s Eastenders

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Phil is given food for thought when he receives an offer on the car lot land, but something seems suspicious about the large amount of money being suggested. In the end, he decides not to sell it as he wants to do the right thing by his family instead.

Later on, Phil and Sharon pay a visit to Ben to break the news that Phil wants to give him The Arches. However, there’s another twist in store when Phil leaves the car lot land to Jay.

Meanwhile, Linda annoys Fi by offering Keanu a trial shift at The Vic. Fi tries to talk to Linda about her attitude, which has a surprising outcome when Linda starts to open up to Fi.

Elsewhere, Carmel invites Max on holiday and declares her love for him.

Also today, Jane tells Ian that she doesn’t want Kathy to move into their new place, while Mr Pryce moves into Number 5.

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