Emma faces a brand new nightmare when Finn tells her that he’s clearing out Wylie’s Farm of their possessions. She can’t help wondering whether he might find some evidence of the ordeal that she put James through last summer.

Later on, Finn catches Emma at Home Farm and spots her frantically shoving a note into her pocket. Once they’re back home, Emma tells Finn that she was just there to say goodbye to Wylie’s, but a suspicious Finn searches her pockets. Inside, he discovers two pieces of a note with the words “I Do Not” written on them.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Ross visit Ashley and Donna’s graves. Laurel tries to speak to Ross, but his confrontational response masks his own serious concerns about Emma.

Elsewhere, Leyla is worried that the wedding will be a washout when nothing in her life is going according to plan.

Also today, Megan is in too deep.

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