Jenny is outraged when Eva proclaims that, due to her pregnancy, she wants to get married ASAP and fancies a double wedding with her and Johnny. At first Jenny refuses, but when Eva forces Aidan to tackle his dad about sharing his wedding day, will Jenny be forced to back down?

Adam’s heart goes out to vulnerable Eva, who suggests she pretends Stella is having a crisis so she can escape to France for a few weeks. Eva thanks Adam for all his support. Buoyed by her words, Adam acts on his feelings and leans in for a kiss. Will Eva respond?

Meanwhile, Rita orders Zoe and Roxy out of her flat. Calling Gemma a saddo, they leave. Gemma is hurt while Rita is furious, especially when a tearful Gemma berates her for scaring off her only mates.

When Gemma discovers that Rita has suggested to Jenny that she ask Gemma be one of her bridesmaids, their earlier row is quickly forgotten. However, as they head home, neither notice that Rita has failed to lock the shop. Watching from nearby, Zoe and Roxy can’t believe their luck and sneak inside.

Elsewhere, Mary tells Norris that Jude knows about their wedding and she hates the idea of lying to him. Norris urges Mary to come clean, but he’s aghast when Mary reveals that Jude is flying his family over for their wedding so they will have to pretend it’s genuine.

Also, when Cathy calls on Chesney to find out why he didn’t turn up to meet Dev, he snaps at her to stop interfering.

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