Dev is horrified to find the kebab shop unmanned and some lads helping themselves to kebabs. As Rana and Liz tend to Chesney, Rana explains that he’s had a panic attack brought on by stress. Chesney makes them promise not to tell anyone.

Back at home Sinead cooks a special meal for Chesney as he paints on a smile, masking his inner anxiety.

Meanwhile, thinking on her feet, Eva tells Aidan the scan isn’t for another hour and she’ll meet him at the hospital. At Toyah’s suggestion, Eva prints off a scan photo from the internet to fool Aidan.

Elsewhere, Gary explains to Sarah that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her join him in Hamburg as he needs to give the job 100%. Will Sarah accept this?

Also, Rosie emails the incriminating photos to Mrs Banks, while Mary calls in The Rovers with flowers for Leanne.

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