Lawrence decides that it’s time to tell Chrissie the truth about who Tim really is, but he could be too late as Lachlan has other plans.

Just as Tim is heading over to see Chrissie, he’s confronted by Lachlan and Gerry, who bundle him into a car boot and kidnap him. Tim tries to explain himself, but Lachlan threatens him.

Later on, Lachlan tells Lawrence that he doesn’t have to worry about Tim anymore, but Lawrence panics when he hears Tim’s phone ringing in Lachlan’s pocket. What has Lachlan done?

Meanwhile, Laurel attempts to encourage Finn to open up about Emma and James. In the middle of their conversation, Emma unexpectedly arrives home from her prayer retreat and is worried about what Laurel is up to.

Elsewhere, Rebecca encourages Robert when he tells her that he plans to win Aaron back, but Adam warns him he’s wasting his time. When Aaron returns to the village, Robert begs him to give him another chance, but Aaron says that it’s too late.

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