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Michelle receives a menacing threat in Wednesday’s Corrie

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Robert is worried as table after table cancel their Bistro bookings. Daniel shows Robert the article in the Gazette. Robert is furious, but Daniel assures him it wasn’t his doing.

When Chesney admits that he feels vulnerable since the stabbing, Adam does his best to convince him that he deserves proper compensation. Adam calls in the bistro and tells Robert that Chesney will settle for £10,000. Robert’s seething and ends up storming off after a row with Michelle.

Alone in the Bistro, Michelle tackles some paperwork. Upon hearing noises, she goes to investigate. Michelle is horrified to discover someone has written ‘RIP’ in spray paint on the wall.

Meanwhile, when Peter reminds Toyah that today’s the day to do the pregnancy test, she is evasive. What is it she fears?

Elsewhere, Billy and Todd pay Drew’s parents a visit and beg them to do what’s best for Summer, but Geraldine makes homophobic and spiteful remarks. She’s furious when Angus reveals a legal document stating that Drew intended Billy to have guardianship of Summer. Angus tells Summer that she must choose between them. What will Summer decide?

Also today, Eileen calls in the medical centre to find a subdued Liz on reception. Liz explains how Moira’s making her life a misery.

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