Maria is devastated by Aidan and Eva’s engagement in Monday’s second Corrie

With all eyes on Aidan, he sweeps Eva into his arms and accepts her proposal. Everyone cheers, but Maria is devastated. Jenny leads the engagement party back across the street.

Making his excuses, Aidan slips out to see Maria, explaining that he loves both she and Eva and imploring her not to end their affair. When Maria walks into the Bistro, Aidan is on pins. What has she come to say?

Meanwhile, when Kate quizzes Johnny about his results, he lies, telling her that he’s got an infection and it’s nothing to worry about. Kate is relieved, but when Jenny outlines her plans for an action-packed honeymoon, a dismayed Johnny reaches a decision.

Elsewhere, angry David shouts across the street to Eileen and Billy, telling them that Shona is the mother of Kylie’s murderer. Billy is shocked.

Also, Nicola explains the details of the apprenticeship scheme to Phelan. Handing him a business card she heads out. Phelan is thoughtful – what’s in this for him?

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