Toyah feels torn between Peter and Toby in tonight’s second Corrie

As Peter eyes the bottle of vodka longingly, he reaches a decision. Will he return to the bottle or not?

At the same time, Toyah ruefully admits to Toby that Leanne was right about Peter. But as he drives her home to collect her belongings, Toyah has a sudden change of heart and decides that Peter needs her. Can Toby convince her otherwise?

Later, Ken’s in turmoil after rows with Peter and Tracy, as well as dealing with the weight of Daniel’s pain over the loss of Sinead’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, as the recital starts at the community centre, Amy slips away. Luke and Tracy search for Amy in the ginnel, unaware of a figure watching them from the shadows. Adam skulks outside in a baseball cap, with his eyes fixed on Number 1. In the street, Tracy is relieved to locate Amy, who claims to have suffered stage fright but glances shiftily towards Number 1.

Elsewhere, Sinead insists that Daniel should now take his opportunity at Oxford.

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