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New crisp packets could save lives

Frito-Lay, an American subsidiary of PepsiCo, has been developing a bag of crisps that can detect if a person has been drinking. Not only that, if it detects that you have, it will even call and offer you a discount code to order yourself an Uber ride home.

The food firm has teamed up with marketing agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, to promote safer attitudes in the run-up to the Super Bowl sporting event, where parties and celebrations are the norm, as is, sadly, an increase in drink driving related incidents.

The Party Bag, which contains Tostitos, detects the breath of people nearby, if the circle on the bag turns green, it has detected that the person is safe to drive. If it detects alcohol, the circle turns red and displays the words “Don´t Drink and Drive”. Tap the bag with your mobile phone and it will call you an Uber cab and, until 5th February, give you 10 dollars credit for your ride thanks to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

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