Babe throws a Scottish-themed night at the Queen Vic with help from Whitney. As the celebrations begin, she takes the opportunity to try sabotaging the café – but Tina quickly realises what she’s up to.

When Tina and Kathy both confront Babe over her latest bad behaviour, she has to confess in front of the Carters. Finally losing patience with Babe and her constant scheming, Mick warns her that she’s out if she messes up even one more time.

Meanwhile, Lee reveals to Whitney that he has a job interview, while life for Mick continues to go from bad to worse.

Elsewhere, tensions continue to run high for the Fox family following the arrival of Denise’s baby.

Also today, Danny helps Jack and Glenda to prepare for the funeral, while Louise sets her sights on Travis, a guy from her drama club.

Finally, Emerald is touched by Patrick’s sensitivity when they talk about Denise.

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