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Phelan hatches a nasty new plan against Kevin in tonight’s first Corrie

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Kevin confides in Anna that Sophie’s medical bill was much higher than expected and he’s had to dip into the garage tax account. Soon afterwards in The Rovers, Phelan steals Kevin’s phone and contacts the pick-up truck suppliers. Masquerading as Kevin, Phelan arranges to have the new truck delivered to a different address.

Handing Kevin’s phone to Andy, Phelan tells him that his next job is to take delivery of Kevin’s new truck and steal it. Will Andy stand up to Phelan or do as he is told?

Meanwhile, Maria tells Aidan how hurt she is over his latest behaviour. Aidan apologises, but can he resist temptation?

Elsewhere, Todd confronts Shona over the stolen wallet and tells Billy that she’s a common thief. Despite this, Billy remains sympathetic and insists he wants to help her. Having taken Shona to the local hostel, Billy does his best to secure her a bed for the night. But is it a case of old habits die hard for Shona?

Also, Jenny tries to talk Johnny out of his plans to retire. When Adam finds out that Peter once owned 50% of Underworld but gave it back in return for nothing, he forms a plan.

Finally, Roy feels terrible when he discovers from Cathy that Alex now lives in a separate flat as there isn’t room at Yasmeen’s. As Roy shows potential buyer Eric round the café, Brian forms a plan to scupper the sale and enlists the help of Sally.

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