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Jimmy and Nicola panic when the kids disappear in tonight’s Emmerdale

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Elliot has some awkward questions for Nicola, wanting to know when Jimmy is coming home.

When Jimmy does return, the children face further disappointment and he argues with Nicola. The kids have an idea to fix things and sneak off upstairs. Not long afterwards, Nicola and Jimmy realise they have disappeared. Where are they?

Meanwhile, Kerry attends her compensation hearing with Jai, Rishi and Rakesh. Once a price is agreed, Pollard is left speechless by Kerry’s demands back at the B&B. Kerry is also jealous when Dan buys a ticket for singles night at the Woolpack.

Elsewhere, Joanie returns to the village but has some tough words for Cain regarding where he stands with Kyle.

Also today, Leyla infuriates Emma again by joking about her and Finn’s behaviour with Kasim.

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