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Moira’s drink-driving has terrible consequences in tonight’s first Emmerdale

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At The Woolpack, Leyla is surprised when she hears about the kiss between Moira and Pete.

After drinking too much at the pub, Moira heads out to get inside the van and refuses to listen when Cain warns her against drink-driving. Moira ends up driving straight towards Jacob, forcing Pete to step in and push him out of the way. Sadly, this only leads to Pete being knocked down himself.

Meanwhile, Laurel tries to talk to the kids about Ashley’s future, but Gabby is upset because she thinks Laurel is giving up on him. Sandy is also devastated over Ashley’s rapid deterioration. Is there anything Laurel can do?

Elsewhere, Lisa is annoyed when Zak admits that he hasn’t told Joanie about his new role as Father Christmas. With little Kyle now in the queue to see Santa, will Zak be caught out or will Ronnie come to his rescue?

Also, Tracy is hopeful that Finn and Kasim will take things to the next level tonight.

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