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Scheming Emma tries to keep Moira and Cain apart in tonight’s Emmerdale

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Cain is furious when he finds Emma in Holly’s room and she ignores his demands for her to leave. Cain steps up the argument by violently dragging Emma outside, but Moira steps in and reveals that she’d actually asked Emma to help pack up Holly’s clothes.

Cain realises that Emma was deliberately winding him up by not making this clear, but he feels defeated and walks away. Later, Emma tells Moira that she shouldn’t let Cain stay camped outside in the caravan, but will Moira listen?

Meanwhile, Frank is under pressure when the police arrive to investigate the missing charity money. Frank pretends that he had the cash on him when someone from his past caught up with him, but will the police believe him? And will Frank tell Tracy and Vanessa what really happened?

Elsewhere, Rebecca is unhappy when Lawrence sides with Chrissie during the latest argument at Home Farm.

Also today, Finn tells a nurse that he’s Kasim’s boyfriend when he visits him in hospital, while Marlon and Carly promise April that they’ll all spend Christmas together.

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