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Black Friday Special Offers on Burglar Alarm Systems

Our friends at Securitas Direct Alarms are making a very special Black Friday offer, just N332 followers.

If you book an appointment for an assessment on Friday, you can get a staggering 50% discount! That´s all you have to do, make the appointment for one of their experts to visit you and show you the system in your home or business.

You don´t have to be in and have the visit on Friday, you just need to make the appointment.

Find out more about the system and how to contact us, in English, to make your appointment by clicking here.

Or you can fill in your details on this form.

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Remember, you don´t have to have the appointment on Friday, you just have to make the booking.

We have also cut the price of all back issues of N332 RoadWatch eMagazine to just 1€, including the latest edition released this month, in which you can also read more about the burglar alarm and video monitoring system.
You can buy or read them by following the links below.

Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Below are the links to READ the editions for free, as well as purchasing your own downloadable copy.

Issue 4

Issue 3

Issue 2

Issue 1

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