Phelan is adamant that Todd should keep on Vinny’s good side if he knows what’s good for him. Todd agrees to come back to the deal, as long as they agree to repay Sarah for any money she loses out on.

When Phelan offers to pay for Billy’s charity trip, Billy is delighted and thinks Todd is behind it. Todd is angry at Phelan’s games, but what point does Phelan have to prove?

Meanwhile, knowing she has to have an honest conversation with Caz, Maria explains to her that she only sees her as a friend. Caz flees in tears, unable to come to terms with it.

Maria tells Caz that she thinks it best if she moves out of the salon flat before she leaves for London. But with Maria out of the way, will Caz persuade Kirk to let her stay a while longer. And what plan does she have up her sleeve?

Elsewhere, Bethany is surprised when Lauren gets expelled over the bullying and the headteacher praises Bethany for coming forward and speaking out against the bullies. Bethany cries tears of relief to Sarah, who hopes this mean their nightmare might be over at last.

Also, Mary tries to coach Erica on disciplining the twins.

Finally, David agrees to go to grief counselling to keep his mum quiet.

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