With Cain back in the village, Charity tries to make him jealous by revealing that she’s with Ross now. As Cain and Moira are no closer to a reunion, despite Holly’s efforts, it’s not long before Cain announces that he’s leaving again.

Charity soon decides to be honest with Cain by admitting that she only told him she was with Ross to make him jealous. When Cain passionately kisses Charity, are they back together properly this time?

Meanwhile, Kerry feels more isolated than ever when she learns that Joanie will be taking time off to visit Belle with Zak next week.

Elsewhere, Holly is adamant that Moira shouldn’t sell up and comes up with a plan to save the farm as she spends time with Jai.

Also today, Marlon reveals how he’s really feeling to Carly, and will Nicola and Jimmy get through their latest problems?

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