It’s the morning of Tracy’s wedding, but she wakes up in the countryside after being driven off by Frank. When she sees the time, she panics and calls Vanessa – desperate to be picked up. Frank is still keen to make peace with Tracy and even shows her that he carved her name in a tree when she was born.

Tracy is still more concerned about her wedding and is relieved when Vanessa turns up with her dress, but things go from bad to worse when Tracy accidentally knocks the handbrake. She gets out of the car in her dress, but it rolls backwards into the water…

Meanwhile, David fears that Tracy won’t turn up for the wedding when he hears that she’s missing.

Elsewhere, Holly gets romantic attention from the sound technician at the wedding reception, but she seemingly only has eyes for a jealous Jai. When Holly admits that Moira is selling up, Jai admits that he’ll miss Holly and they end up sharing a kiss.

Also, Carly causes confusion when she tries to play matchmaker between Leyla and Pete.

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